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AXS INGENIERIE becomes Nucleopolis member

AXS INGENIERIE becomes Nucleopolis member

AXS INGENIERIE is delighted to announce its participation to the Normandy Network, Nucleopolis, since July 2019. Our membership shows our determination to improve our relationship with Nuclear industry, thanks to some events organized by the federation.

In 2017, AXS INGENIERIE began first expertising studies on securised overhead cranes to CEA Saclay and Cherbourg Military Port.

Since 2017, AXS INGENIERIE has assisted other French nuclear clients : CEA-DAM, CEA Cadarache & Orano.

Our participation objective

Thanks to Nucleopolis participation, we hope to convince others companies, like EDF Nucléaire, to collaborate with our engineers about lifting issues in securised & industrial areas.

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Since its creation in 2010, Nucleopolis promotes the economical development of nuclear industry in Normandy, improving the competitivity of companies, and job growth. We support our particpants about business network, innovation, and skills development, and then we impove high-value jobs.

With worldwide recognized companies like EDF, ORANO, CEA and GANIL, Nucleopolis federates nuclear expertise of main nuclear plants, R&D laboratories and school companies located to Normandy, in Energy, Health and Risk management industries.

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AXS INGENIERIE is engineering company dedicated to expertise and calculation of cranes in special industries (ports, energy and heavy industry). Our expertise relies on various skills in design, mechanical, structural, stress validation, automation-controls, manufacturing, assembling and commissioning.


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