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Study for the modernization of Reunion Port sugar terminal

Study for the modernization of Reunion Port sugar terminal

AXS INGENIERIE is finalizing its project of diagnosis and assistance for the revamping of the sugar terminal of the GPM of Reunion Island.

The NOPEL loading crane, the associated conveyors network and maintenance facility overhead cranes were studied as part of this mission.

The objective of this modernization is to carry out a fatigue assessment of cranes and conveyors as well as feasibility studies in order to establish a revamping program.

For overhead cranes, AXS INGENIERIE also realized a feasibility study of increasing their SWL.

This integrity assessment of sugar terminal meets the requirements of the CETMEF recommendations and ISO 12482.

AXS INGENIERIE carried out detailed inspections and expertise of the handling equipment at the sugar terminal :

  • Inventory of the different components
  • 3D scanning of equipment
  • Detailed inspection of structures and mechanisms
  • Thermography of electrical equipment
  • Functional tests

Finally, AXS INGENIERIE will draw up technical specifications for the revamping of the equipment at the sugar terminal in the East Port of Saint-Denis de la Réunion.

For more information on assessing the integrity of cranes, click here.

Photo credit: AXS INGENIERIE

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