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Upgrading of an overhead crane at the EDF power station in Penly

Upgrading of an overhead crane at the EDF power station in Penly

AXS INGENIERIE has been entrusted with the overhead crane upgrading at the Penly nuclear power station. Our client EDF wanted to increase the SWL of its crane from 3T to 3.5T.

AXS INGENIERIE ensures dimensional statements of the overhead craneand a visual examination of preservation state.

AXS INGENIERIE will send EDF Penly a final report which will be composed of the following elements :

  • Design calculation note for a 3.5T overhead crane use
  • Control report for requalification tests

To complete, a visual inspection of the equipment will allow us to determine any possible critical defects.

Once the studies have been completed, qualification tests will be carried out with COFRAC-approved company, in partnership with AXS INGENIERIE.

Photo credit : AXS INGENIERIE

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